Monday, November 12, 2012

You Are Already Dead and Do Not Know It!

Ron DeLord
By Ron York

 Most of you are walking dead pensioners.  Your pension is about to be eliminated and you refuse to acknowledge it or you do not know what to do to prevent it.  Even the national police unions are paralyzed by the unthinkable, as they continue to conduct pension seminars that focus on lawyers, investment advisers, and ministerial duties.  None of these will matter in a few years.

Ron York
There is a way to save your pension, but it is not found in the conventional wisdom of today.  The solution has to be implemented before your pension is gutted by over-zealous politicians.  It has to be done now, not as part of a long-term "strategy."  If any of you have any strategy, long or short term, please mail it to me.  I haven't seen one yet.

 Want some answers?  Real answers?  Come to Jacksonville January 30 and 31 to get some real answers.  A two day program addressing this very issue will be presented by Ron DeLord and Ron York.  Two old geezers?  Damn right - with over ninety years combined experience.  Two radicals?  Do you really believe the same old tripe will save you this time?

 Today is the day of reckoning.  Are you prepared?  Tell the truth.  You do not even know what prepared means, let alone how to achieve it. For some of you, it is already too late.  Nothing can save you.  You are toast. Those of you still standing download the brochure, complete and submit the registration form and then book a flight to Jacksonville.  It will be the best investment you ever make.  I guarantee you it will not be the usual old crap you hear everywhere else. Tired of having sunshine pumped up your skirt?

 Come to Jacksonville and get in your face, bona fide answers.  Learn from the most controversial police labor leader on this planet.  Learn from a man who couldn't win a popularity contest if his life depended on it, but has stood for election and won many times.

 Think we are full of crap?  Send a fire breathing email to   The rest of you?  Wise up and take control.

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