Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Ohio Voters Overwhelmingly Reject Issue 2, Dealing A Blow To Kasich

Ohio Governor John Kasich In Defeat
Ohio voters overwhelmingly reject Issue 2, dealing a blow to Gov. John Kasich | "COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Ohio voters dealt a sharp rebuke to first-year Gov. John Kasich and his conservative agenda Tuesday by overwhelmingly rejecting the restrictive new collective bargaining law he championed.
"It's clear the people have spoken," the humbled Republican leader said from the Statehouse. "I heard their voices. I understand their decision. And frankly, I respect what the people have to say in an effort like this. And as a result of that, it requires me to take a deep breath and to spend some time to reflect on what happened here.""

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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Vallejo - Police Could Receive Minimal Raise

Vallejo police could receive minimal raise - Vallejo Times Herald: "Vallejo police officers may see a .08 percent raise this year -- a fraction of the 6 percent hike garnered last year.
The city's 2011-2012 budget included a 1.3 percent wage place holder, meaning the expected raise is about 6 percent of what was estimated for increased city officer pay this year.

The Vallejo Human Resources Department recently completed a seven-city wage study, used to help determine the proposed raise.

The raise will be retroactive to July 1, and uses the Bay Area cities of Alameda, Berkeley, Daly City, Hayward, Oakland, Richmond and San Leandro for comparison purposes. The union contracts have previously used a wider-ranging list of 14 cities to compile wage comparisons in the past.

Vallejo Police Officer's Association President Matt Mustard declined to comment on the proposed raise, saying only that he was familiar with the wage study"

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