Friday, October 29, 2010

News Media Continues To Misrepresent The Economy

For the first five quarters of this recovery, Real Gross Domestic Product grew 3.5%.  Compare that with the first five months of the last two recoveries:

1991 - 3.7%

2001 - 2.2%

2009 - 3.5%

Economy Continues To Have Strong Growth - News Media Wrong Again - As Always

Thursday, October 28, 2010

No More Mister Nice Guy

The Rebuttal Begins Tuesday Night

On November 2, 2010 at  6:00 PM (HST)* in Honolulu, Hawaii the polls close.  At that moment, the 2010 election ends and we take off the gloves.  It does not matter whether the Democrats or the Republicans are in charge of the House or the Senate, we are going on the offensive.  Are you listening Tenari and Barry?

We have been working on a series of articles that addresses our critics claims that you are over-paid (you are not).  They are wrong and we are going to take their bogus argument apart piece by piece.  It has taken a little longer then we anticipated.  We are going to be just as ruthless as the Tea Party and the Libertarians.  We have a series of seven articles that we will release on an unpredictable schedule.  There may be two on one day or two weeks of silence.  Most are rather long for this blog, but we will post the entire article, along with a link to a PDF version

The articles are:

The Total Wage Package
The Pension Cost
The Pension Funding
The Group Insurance Plan
The Retiree Insurance Plan
The Ability-To-Pay Issue (They have it)
The Exploding Economy (Tell Rush, Glenn and Bill to shut up - Al Franken too.)

"One of these days Alice, one of these days - POW!! right in the kisser!" Ralph Kramden
"Ah, shuuut up." Alice Kramden

Set your dial on POLICEPAY.NET and then rip the knob off.  We are all you need.  Ten- nine-eight ..........

* Midnight In New York City - 9:00 PM In Los Angeles Yes, we know that the Western one-half of the Aleutian Islands in Alaska close one hour later. In the event that this exception becomes important, we will wait one more hour.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Harry Reid Needs Your Help

We just returned from Las Vegas tonight.  Harry Reid needs our help.  Harry is our best friend in the United States Senate.  He is under siege from Sharon Engle, the Republican candidate.  Sharon is a good and decent person, but she is a political "gnat weight."  On most points, Harry, Sharon and us agree, but on the issues of public safety compensation she is on the other end of the spectrum.  We have the most important person in the United States Senate carrying out issues.  If Sharon is elected, three bad things could happen to us.  First, we would lose Harry and his position as majority leader.  We could lose control of the Senate.  Lastly, Sharon would vote with the "Tea Party", not us.

Currently, we are under an attack like we have never seen before.  Pensions and pay are being demigod-ed from all directions.  You are doing your job too well.  We want you to keep doing that good job, but most citizens do not realize that you are the only thing standing between their serenity and anarchy.  If the Tea Party had their way, you would be working for minimum wage.

We need money to buy adds in Nevada.  Email us and we will give you the contact information in Nevada.  We need to hear from you by the close of business Monday.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

POLICEPAY Endorses Harry Reid

Harry Reid is a great American and a big supporter of law and order.He is the police officer's friend in Washington.  He has earned and deserves your vote.  Not only has he been good for the country, but he has been good for Nevada.  Citizens of Nevada send Harry Reid back to the United States Senate.  We would stake our reputation on Harry.

Something You Need To Hear About Pensions

You need  to watch and listen to this video.  It is an interview with Jack Dean.  (The picture above is not Jack.  It is Willie Brown)  Jack is the guy who runs the website Pension Tsunami.  He is from Fullerton, California.  I know Jack personally and have visited with him many times. I disagree with Jack on many issues, but I consider him a friend and I can tell you he is a decent person.  Jack is actually broadminded.  He has a link to POLICEPAY on the front page of the When someone like Jack gets all up in arms about public safety pensions, we have a problem.

Economy In The Tank - NOT!!

Economy In The Tank - NOT!!

It Must Be An Upside Down Tank.  The American news media is a disgrace.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Drinking Kool-Aid In California and Nevada - Part II

It appears that "Drinking Kool-Aid In California and Nevada" has brought down the wrath of anger.  Let me explain without any humor or satire,

First, when I speak of liberals and conservatives I am using the pop-culture definitions:

Ralph Nader = Liberal

Glenn Beck = Conservative

In fairness, both of these guys have some radical ideas that are actually quite good, but both are "over the top".  If we could measure all of their political views we would find that they would agree on probably 75% of their views, but the remaining  25% contain political poison pills that would preclude them from getting elected to congress.

The American public is overwhelming "conservative", except for one issue - taxation.  "Socking it to the rich" (class envy) is very prevalent among a large percentage of the population.  Every state and congressional district has many more "conservatives" than "liberals" - not Republicans and Democrats.  Even in the liberal bastion of San Francisco, conservatives way out number liberals.  Just being "pro choice" does not make one a liberal.  Just believing in the right to have guns does not make one a conservative.  It requires a "critical mass" of polarizing opinions.  Go anywhere and check it out.  Conservatism rules.

A true Socialist liberal or a true Libertarian conservative cannot get elected to a national office.  And as much as this might rain on your parade , Ron Paul and Bernie Sanders do not meet the "true" test.  How should they be defined?  Substituted "compromised" for "true."

Even in San Francisco, and especially Nevada, you cannot get elected to congress without large support of the conservatives.  If only "liberals" could vote for Nancy Pelosi, she would have never been elected.  Harry Reid?  He has to be in bed with the conservatives.  There are not enough "wacky liberals" to get a true liberal elected to a national office.

Do Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid hold some liberal opinions?  They do, but so do most of you.  You do know that public safety collective bargaining is squarely on the liberal side of the ledger - so is Garrity.

I stand by my premise - Congress has only Republicans and Republicans Lite.  Don't believe me?  Go to Washington and see how easy it is get money for anything.  It is very, very difficult.  When you are getting a flogging at a committee hearing, see if you can tell the Republicans from the Democrats.  The talk radio image of congress is a fantasy.  For the most part, congress is a bunch of rich, white guys that belong to the Chamber of Commerce.

Point of personal privilege - I found the members of congress to be intelligent and cordial - all 535+ members.  I  did not meet one that I did not like.  I especially enjoyed one of the most liberal - Eleanor Holmes Norton - District of Columbia.  She has a wonderful sense of humor.  She was always quick to chastise me about my senator - Tom Coburn, one of the most conservative and a person of high integrity.

Monday, October 04, 2010

The Best Is Yet To Come

Over the last decade, public safety expenditures have grown at a higher rate than expenditures as a whole.  Most of the growth has been with law enforcement.  This trend should continue.  The dynamics for violence in society are in place and not much is being done to relieve it, except for catch and arrest.  This will keep the upward pressure on the demand for law enforcement.

In addition, citizens want more sophisticated law enforcement officers that can differentiate between normal citizens and the criminal element, and act accordingly.  The American society wants violence contained, but are unwilling to address the underlying causes.  They see law enforcement as the only solution.  It doesn't require a PHD in economics or sociology to see what this will do to the demand side of the law enforcement market.

Any city that is not increasing the law enforcement share of revenue is probably making bad decisions.  Ignore the naysayers.  This business cycle will see law enforcement officers leap even further ahead.  Personal safety is the most important service delivered by local government.  It does matter how much they complain about your wages and benefits, they want and need you.  Keep sending the invoices.  They will continue to pay the ever higher and higher costs.  Until the "self reliant" crowd abandons the "pull yourself up by your own boot straps"  mantra you have them in a box.  Only one thing stands between them and the gang bangers and the dope boys - you  They will continue to pay more to keep their bucolic lives and their well manicured lawns.

Keep doing your job and we will keep getting the money for you.  Do not listen to the negative chatter.  Those shouting the loudest are the ones that need you the most.  Do not become cynical.  Those who do battle with you see themselves on the right side of the issue, but they are not.  Most of them are seeking the Impossible Dream - something for nothing. 

Drinking Kool-Aid In California and Nevada

Recently, I have noticed that some cops in Nevada and California have joined the movement to remove Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi from the leadership roles in the United States Congress by defeating them for reelection.  I have even heard police officers tell me of their involvement with the "Tea Party."

If the Tea Party had their way, all of you would be making minimum wage and them and their Yuppie buddies would be hauling down seven figure incomes as arbiters of the economy (pimps that produce nothing).  If you think they are working for your best interest you are out to lunch.

Working as a lobbyist in the United States Capitol was an eye opener for me.  I can tell you unequivocally that there are no liberal Democrats in congress -zilch.  There are only Republicans and Republicans Lite.  I get quite a laugh when I hear the acronym "RINO."  The worst thrashing I got in Washington was from Chris Dodd's office.  I thought it was Newt Gingrich.  John Boehner and his staff were much more receptive..

As for Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, they may be identified as liberals, but everything they do in their personal lives is strictly conservative.  Harry's son Rory is on the board of commissioners for Clark County.  If you think that he is some roll over union puppet, you are mistaken.  I will concede that Harry would never win the Miss Congeniality award at the Miss America Pageant.  Harry Reid is a conservative that supports law and order.

Nancy Pelosi?   She could win the Miss America Pageant.  I challenge any of you to go and meet her and come away not liking her.  She is a conservative with a heart.  I am too.  Do not be sucked in by the conservative siren song.  Harry and Nancy are firmly behind law enforcement in this country.  We need them.  Our country needs them.  Police officers in Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wyoming really need them.

As Barry Goldwater's ads said "In your heart you know he is right."   Send Harry and Nancy a letter or an email telling them they have your support.

California - Rest In Peace - Born September 9, 1850 - Died October 4, 2010

Dearly Beloved, We are gathered here today to pay our final respects for our old friend California.  He has been a big part of our lives.  The things he brought our way are too numerous to mention. - "tax and spend liberals", "the left coast", CALPERS, the flower children, the Ninth Circuit Court, and many more great achievements.

What's that noise?  It sounds like it is coming from inside the coffin.  Get those morticians over here and open this thing up.  What the heck?  They are running away.  Someone get a pry bar over here fast.  It looks like he is breathing.  Check his pulse.  Get an ambulance over here.

They have the EKG hooked up know.  What are the readings:

Los Angeles sales tax is up 4.61% from last year

San Francisco is up 8.61%

San Diego is up 9.11%

San Jose is up 21.29%

Holy Governor Moonbeam, it is a miracle.

Who were those morticians?  Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck!

Should have known!

Growth of Police Compensation During The 2001 - 2009 Business Cycle For The 15 Largest Police Departments (15 Largest United States Cities)

See how well the 15 largest police departments did with wage growth during the last business cycle.  Click the headline to download the report.