Monday, June 28, 2010

Clark County Draws Four Aces - Yeah Baby!

The last major holdout in the economic recovery emerged from the wilderness today.  The just released Consolidated Tax Revenue for April is up for the first time in so long that Sin City thinks it is a scam.  It's not. it's the real thing.  Clark County is up.  Las Vegas is up.  Henderson is up. North Las Vegas is up.  Was that a "Praise The Lord" from Oscar?

The numbers need no explanation.  Each government is up about 2% from April 2009.  Read them and weep Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck.  The Rat Pack is back  It's not your father's Rat Pack.  This time it is Barrack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Joe Biden.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Police file lawsuit against Fairfax Co., demand raises | Washington Examiner

Police file lawsuit against Fairfax Co., demand raises | Washington Examiner: "By: MARKHAM HEID
Examiner Staff Writer
06/04/10 1:08 PM EDT
Fairfax cops say the county is shirking on its obligation to pay mandated salary raises to officers completing 15 and 20 years of service.

Fairfax Police filed a lawsuit against the county demanding the pay increases, according to Marshall Thielen, president of the Fairfax County Coalition of Police.

“Last budget year, and in the budget they just passed, the County Board voted not to fund longevity pay, even if they had the money in their budgets,” Thielen said."

Baltimore - Police & Fire Unions File Law Suit Against City -

Police & Fire Unions File Law Suit Against City -

Evansville FOP - Arbitration By "Other Means"

Reported by: Brian Miller
Friday, June 04 2010

Police/Fire Contract Dispute with Evansville Heads to Courtroom - "The Fraternal Order of Police and the Firefighter's Union have turned to the courts to settle a contract dispute with Evansville.
The suit was filed after contracts negotiations stalled.

The unions are suing because they claim the city raised health care costs in violation of the 2009 contract.
The contract for the city's firefighters and police officers expired December 31, 2009."

"War is a continuation of diplomacy using other means." 

Carl von Clausewitz, Über den Krieg