Saturday, November 08, 2008

Peabody, MA Councilors pan 9/11 pay; backlash shocks union head -, Salem, MA

Mark Saia, Peabody (MA) Police

Note from Ron York: This was originally posted 10/21/2008. I have had people across the country ask me about this story. I never heard of Peabody prior to this story. Read the comments after the posting.

Let's hear it for Peabody PD.

Councilors pan 9/11 pay; backlash shocks union head -, Salem, MA:

"PEABODY — City Councilor Anne Manning yesterday called
a new provision that makes Sept. 11 a paid holiday for police officers a 'dark cloud looming over the police contract.'

Ward 6 Councilor Barry Sinewitz said the terrorist attacks should not be linked to additional pay for officers.

'It was a tragic day, and it has nothing to do with getting paid time-and-a-(quarter)' he said. 'I just don't think that it's appropriate.'

The city and police union settled on a new four-year contract earlier this month that includes the Sept. 11 holiday pay. While the City Council does not have a role in contract negotiations, it does vote on the money needed to fund any increase for this fiscal year. Councilors interviewed yesterday expressed a range of views about the provision, from support to opposition to bewilderment."